Car Wash Complex

We provide a wide range of services to meet all your car wash needs. Wht not pay us a visit and see for yourself.

Powerful Vacuum cleaners

Four vacuum cleaners are available to clean the inside of your vehicle.
These powerful machines will clean the inside of your vehicle with the minimum of effort.



Wheel and Sill Scrubbers

Our wheel and sill scrubbers provide an easy way to keep your car looking as new, cleaning a notoriously difficult part of a car with ease, due to clever design.

Conveyor car wash

The conveyor car wash is one hundred feet long and capable of washing 80 cars per hour. All vehicles are pre-soaked with hot traffic film remover to soften and loosen even the most stubborn of stains. Six programs are available to choose from which includes a high pressure under body wash, a high pressure arch ,a foaming arch and a wax arch.
Twin drying modules are used to give a superb glossy, dry finish.

Four bay Jet wash system

The four bay jet wash system ensures that queues are kept to a minimum even during peak business periods. High pressure lances and hot traffic film remover soon clean even the dirtiest vehicle. Soft (hogs hair) foaming brushes compliment the high pressure lances to give the most thorough of washing action in the shortest time possible.

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