Car Wash

The attended Gleam Machine car wash is the fastest car wash in the North West and will leave your car sparkling in no time at all! Capable of washing 100 cars per hour  keeping queues to a minimum. The only car wash in the city with 2 powerful under body washes which are essential if you need an MOT wash. The 4 bay jet wash complex has high pressure hot detergent lances, foaming brushes, spectacular snow foam lances, high pressure wax protection and high pressure spot free rinse. 4 powerful vacuum cleaners are available to keep the interior of your car clean and fresh. Open 7 days a week for your convenience. Tel 02871 362498.

Mot wash -no booking, no waiting, open 7 days a week, with two underbody washes for a thorough clean!

Gleam Machine Car Wash and MOT Wash

The 40 metre Gleam Machine is capable of washing 100 cars per hour. All vehicles are pre-soaked with hot car wash detergent to soften and loosen even the most stubborn of stains. 

Ultra foam arch,high pressure arch,under body wash and spot free rinse arch.  

Cascading coloured foam, followed by a powerful high pressure arch and under body washes are just some of the many features of the Gleam Machine!

Rinse and wax arches along with  twin drier modules.

Standard rinse, Super Wax, Ultra Shine Wax and spot free rinse are further options on the Gleam Machine. 

One of two high pressure MOT under body washes


The Gleam Machine has two under body washes to ensure a thorough clean. Your car is pre-soaked with hot detergent, including wheel arches, washed, waxed and blow dried leaving your car spotless for your MOT test. No need to book, just visit when it suits you.

Spectacular High Pressure Arch

The high pressure arch easily removes heavy deposits of dirt first, before proceeding to the soft touch brush station.

Four Bay Jet Wash System
Jet Wash, Foaming Brush, Foam Lance,Spot free rinse and Wax

The four bay jet wash system ensures that queues are kept to a minimum even during very busy periods. High pressure lances and hot car wash detergent soon clean even the dirtiest car. Soft foaming brushes, snow foam lances and wax protection compliment the high pressure lances leaving your car sparkling in no time.

Four Powerful Vacuum Cleaners

Four vacuum cleaners are available to clean the interior of your car. These
powerful cleaners will quickly leave your car clean and fresh.